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  • Alt som vedrører Blomrobben er no flytt til området Blomrobben. Dette inkluderer kamerautsynet over Ytterdal og Eidsdal.
  • Alt som vedrører Norddal Jarnarbeidsskule er no flytt til Gerh. Berge.

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  • Elinor Ostrom in Trondheim 2008
  • Erling Berge

    Faculty of Landscape and society. Department of Property and Law.
    Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 1433 Aas, Norway

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  • Land Tenure and Property Rights
  • Resource Management
  • Economic Sociology
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    Centre for Land Tenure Studies
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  • Land Tenure in Malawi
  • Who ownes Norway?
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  • "Two key questions are: how did humanity come into being? and what are its distinguishing characteristics compared with its more animalic forebears?" Page 144 in Elias, Norbert. 1991. The Symbol Theory. London: Sage.
  • "With language, genetic change ceases to be the main basis for change: history begins." Page 130 in Maynard Smith, John and David Harper. 2003. Animal Signals. Oxford: Oxford University Press.